Troubleshooting Infra-Red Triggering

Infra-red triggering offers a convenient and highly reliable method of detecting rolling stock. This document provides help if infra-red triggering is not operating as expected.

Download: Troubleshooting Infra-Red Triggering Systems.



Help with your Shuttle

If you are have questions about shuttle operation, this guide should help.



Fleischmann 6205/9205 Signal Wiring Information

Here is some connection information for the Fleischmann 6205/9205 signals. These have a built in filament lamp which shines through the red and green aspects, and a dual coil solenoid to operate the signal arm. These are very well made, although the manufacturer's user instruction sheet is a little difficult to follow (found here).

We have experimented with these signal and have produced a separate instruction leaflet:

Download: Fleischmann 6205 and 9205 Wiring Information.




Veismann 4500 Semaphore Signals

Veismann 4500 HO Semaphore Signal Wiring Information

Veismann semaphore signals appear similar to the Fleischmann signals, but the wiring differs. The following document has the details.

Download: Veismann 4500 Instructions and Wiring Information


Documentation on Building Level Crossing Signals

Part 1: Constructing the Warning Lamps

Part 2: Adding lamps to the Barriers

Part 3: Barrier Lowering Mechanism


Common-Anode and Common-Cathode Signal Wiring

There is often misunderstanding about the wiring of led signals, and this document shows the differences in wiring between the two types of wiring used.

Led Wiring Document