Encapsulated Reed Relay RR1

BLOCKsignalling RR1 Reed Relay Black Plastic Encapsulated Model Rail Railway

We have introduced some miniature reed relays to our range.  Designed to detect trains which have been fitted with magnets to their undersides, these are ideal for block occupancy detection and other triggering requirements.

These could easily be disguised as an AWS ramp or other track feature.

Each time a magnet passes over the sensor, the contacts inside close and a short output pulse is produced.  Most of our modules can be programmed to accept these brief inputs as triggers.

Reed relays can be connected in parrallel, giving the advantage that trains in several locations can detected and feed into a single module - for instance if you have a level crossing across a number of tracks, a train approaching on any track will trigger the module.

You can see from the picture below, these are really compact.  The encapsulated section is just 15mm long (around 1/2").


AWS Ramp


Each end of the plastic encapsulation has a gold plated wire for connection to your circuit.  These can be bent to suit, and can be extended by soldering, or using "chocolate block" type terminal blocks.

encapsulated reed relay dimensions



Potting material: ABS with epoxy potting

Contact rating: 100V DC, 0.1A maximum 10W

Contact resistance (initial): 100mohm

Maximum operating time: 0.4ms

Maximum release time: 0.1ms

Contact arrangement: Normally Open