Toggle Switches for Points Motors


When we want to make a control panel with switches to operate the solenoid points motors we prefer to use three-position  toggle switches with a sprung action. This means the lever can be moved away from the central position in either direction and when it is released, the toggle lever returns to the central position.

There is a common central terminal connected to the wiper in the switch.  When the lever is at rest, in the central position, the wiper does not contact the other terminals (the switch is said to be OFF).

Operating the switch in either direction forces the wiper to make contact with one of the two contacts (the switch is said to be ON).

The action of this switch is sometimes written as (ON)-OFF-(ON), the brackets signifying spring return from that position.

The BLOCKsignalling BSW3 is a single-pole changeover (SPCO) switch, with one single set of contacts.  The SW2 has two identical (but isolated) sets of contacts and is known as double-pole changeover (DPCO).

The BSW4 will come in useful if you are operating Kato points and wish to use our Points Position Indicator to show the current points position.


Contact Rating

Both switches use heavy duty contacts rated at 15A 250V AC or 10A at 30V DC.  The typical peak switching current for points motors is in the order of 5A for a fraction of a second, so you can be assured reliable operation and a long contact life.  In fact these switches are rated for 100,000 operations.